Sending The Right Roses - You have probably received or sent roses at least once in your life.

When to Wear Your Olympic Medal - You spend half of your life getting banged around from pillar to post but you won an Olympic Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.

Reclaiming the Lost Art of Communication - My good friend Sara recently repeated this conversation to us, and we laughed until we could laugh no longer.

Immigration Policy and Illegal Immigration Policies Questioned - There is a huge debate going on in American Politics over the illegal immigration issues, homeland security and the immigration policies in general.

Got Kissed - Have you ever been kissed?.

Chimpanzees Are More Like Human Children Than Other Animals - Many people think that humans are unique and a special even divine species.

Cant Get Laid Its Not You Its The Pheromones - A wife lies in bed longing for some action, but her spouse has fallen asleep many hours earlier, a common occurrence for the past many months.

How Do Stress Balls Work - Stress is an inescapable fact our lives and can manifest itself regardless of one?s age, gender, or lifestyle.

Create Life Changes with Less Stress - Like fall leaves whose deep green begins to display spectacular kaleidoscopes of color, our lives are constantly in the process of change.

Get Inspired To Find More Faith In God Today - Hi, I?m Glorious the Magic Genie Faith Builder with a special free gift of faith for you of the first of its kind, Faith-based Magic Pill collectible.

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