Sending The Right Roses

You have probably received or sent roses at least once in your life. Besides the obvious "Someone has thought of me", what do roses say? Roses and their colors have different meanings. So before you send your next bouquet or after you have received one, you need to read this. Is there a secret message behind that delivery?.As most people may know, the traditional bouquet of red roses signifies love.

But nowadays, depending on who you ask, red roses can be described as anything from a classic bouquet of flowers to original and boring. One thing is certain however, red roses remain the most popular of them all.Yellow roses used to represent jealousy, but somewhere along the lines its representation changes to mean joy and friendship. Yellow roses with red tips represent friendship blossoming into love. .

White roses are often known as the bridal flower, but the real meaning of white roses is purity, loyalty and innocence.Orange and Coral roses express desire and fascination. Be sure not to send the wrong message with this bold bouquet.

Pink roses have different meanings depending on the shade of pink. Light pink roses express fondness and sympathy, whereas dark pink roses are meant to express the feelings of gratitude and appreciation.Purple Roses indicate enchantment and love at first site. On the hand, blue roses symbolize, fantasy and the unattainable.The black rose is known to represent death. They are not natural but instead dyed.

Hint: Its pretty safe to say that your sweetie wouldn't want to receive this bouquet (unless they have mentioned liking black flowers).When different colored roses are mixed, some of their meanings change. A mix of white and red roses represent unity. Whereas a mix of yellow and red roses symbolize happiness. White and yellow roses represent harmony.A mix of all colored roses says "You mean everything to me" due to broad mix of colors and their meanings.

A single stemmed rose says "I Love You" and two roses intertwined represent an engagement. Any other single rose means "Thank You".Whichever bouquet you decide to send, when the appropriate bouquet is end, it makes it that much more special.

You are probably thinking, "What are the chances that the person receiving the bouquet even knows what the colors mean?". Chances are they don't. That would be the perfect opportunity to tell them that you thought of them enough to send the "perfect" arrangement, by researching the colors first. Just think, a gift with thought behind it weighs more on the heart!.

Even if you don't take any of the information into consideration, at least you have learned something new.

.Cynthia Marcano is owner of Simply Sinful Baskets.http://www.simplysinfulbaskets.


By: Cynthia Marcano

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