Got Kissed

Have you ever been kissed?.No. I'm not talking about the touch on the forehead by your Mom or the peck on the cheek by your friends, siblings, or relatives.

I mean the one that really matters. The one that really makes a difference. The one that single-handedly lifts you up and transports you into another world. The one that comes from a true soul-mate. The one that moves you so deeply it nearly always brings you to tears.One of the most sensitive areas of touch we have on our bodies are our lips.

They seem to carry an inherent warmth within them that is like a fire in the hearth that can be a passing reminder of caring, or can be stoked into a blazing inferno of unexplained and nearly reckless passion, if uncontrolled.Such a sensitive organ, the lips. One that is initially controlled by the mind, but can be soon released with such careless abandon by the heart.

The very image of the lips can instill feelings of longing, feelings of hope, feelings of joy from deep within the soul.But to touch?.Oh, but to feel the intimate press of the lips with one that you care for deeply! The sensations are incredible and far-reaching!.

The brushing of lips across lips, ever so gently. The slow, purposeful melting of lips together, mesmerizing and merging, as it were, two hearts, two bodies, as one. A union of both the sensuous and the sensitive, giving and receiving in equal measure.

Sharing tenderness and passion at the same moment.Time becomes irrelevant. The world stops spinning as the entire universe pauses in breathless anticipation and wonder at the depth and sweetness of the moment. A moment of intimate passion purified with nubile innocence. A warmth of innocence that lingers upon the suppleness of the lips as well as deep within the chambers of the beating heart long after the lips have separated.

Have you ever been kissed. Really kissed?.A true kiss carries with it a passion that fills the wells of the longing soul. It fills the heart with confident peace.

.Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years. He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at http://www.essun.

By: Robert Curtis

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