Chimpanzees Are More Like Human Children Than Other Animals

Many people think that humans are unique and a special even divine species. But that simply is not so, no matter what you Bishop, Priest or Pastor purports as truth. In fact we are so similar to our Chimpanzee cousins that it seems we should be classified as animals and not by thrust into a category that we do not belong. You are dead wrong dear sir; you are probably saying? Am I really?.

Well did you know that Chimpanzees even enjoy dressing up wearing clothes, painting and drawing and being creative and just about all the things little humans like to do. Still think humans are unique? Maybe, but so are our cousins. And we are not alone. We have other intelligent life right here.

Its time we faced facts.Chimpanzees also create new words for things. One Chimpanzee calls Thanksgiving "bird meat day" and there are tons of such stories of this. So language, teaching language and creating language are all not human only traits.Other Chimpanzees go to areas to celebrate their religion too, it appears to be a shrine like setting and they appear to do this to celebrate their environment or love of nature. It is an area where there is a water fall and at certain times of the year and certain times of the day the light hits it just right.

[sound familiar human]. They even have to cross water to get to this place, even though they do not like to cross water. There is no reason for them to go there, it is out of the way. And when they do go, they just sit there and look at it and make hand motions and sounds. [sound familiar human].

Humans are no different than our next nearest species and we are not much different than most higher order mammals, not just Chimpanzees although they study of them does indeed intrigue us doesn't it. Consider this in 2006.

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