Immigration Policy and Illegal Immigration Policies Questioned

There is a huge debate going on in American Politics over the illegal immigration issues, homeland security and the immigration policies in general. Recently in an ever-increasing popular online think tank the issue re-surfaced and was duly considered. A new think tank online member duly noted the problem and stated;."Somehow I believe that the current policy is definitely doing a good enough job at threatening these folks into high productivity while they are trying to establish some kind of financial and legal stability. Isn't that what we all want, stability? I think that's why people seem to get so upset about 'illegal' immigrants.

It seems to shake the stability of unstable Americans, who, ironically, live in the (relatively) most stable country and have the economy any other country can only dream of. Threating? Not to me. Disturbing? A little. But something to get passionately upset about?".

Indeed the thinker [Patrick] makes some very good points to consider and thus a discussion on this issue has developed in the online think tank. Another member answered some of his concerns and stated;."Your points over all about what is right and what is wrong are generally in line with fairness, but we must protect the American People first and foremost. (Stability of our nation).

An "illegal" alien has violated our laws, that is against our laws and therefore unacceptable. Are more laws necessary? No, perhaps fewer laws and simply enforce the ones we already have and simply the process and by technology, sensors and such we can expedite the process and make things easy to deal with and shore up the problem that we have been talking about since Barbara Jordan's Commission, but have yet to deal with on a reality basis. Thus we need not give more rights and more leeway to illegal aliens than our own patriotic Americans. What say you?".This issue of illegal aliens and immigration policy will continue to be a controversial one, although it need not be.

We must have a reasonable, workable policy and not simply allow political posturing, which will most likely decide the next election. Between the mass media hysteria and the political correctness of politics it appears we have lost track of reality on this issue. We must protect the American people and the stability of all we are and all we have built and at the end of the day that is all that really matters. Let's do what works, not what the sound and fury temps us to do merely to feel good about winning and either or debate.

We cannot allow these things to further divide us, let's do what makes sense, common sense and then work from there shall we?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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