Create Life Changes with Less Stress

Like fall leaves whose deep green begins to display spectacular kaleidoscopes of color, our lives are constantly in the process of change. Sometimes we plan change, other times our lives are unexpectedly on a new course. Where is change in your life? Have you been thrown a curve ball? Do you want a change? Maybe you are about to enter a new phase of your life? A new job? A new direction? A new relationship? Whatever the change is, transformations bring surprise, excitement, opportunity, and challenge to our lives. Wherever change is present in your life, these steps will help handle your fears and finish your course!.1) What Do You Want?.Before you embark on this metamorphosis, you need to know which destination you really want.

Too often we wander aimlessly because we haven't figured out where we want to go. How could you plan a vacation to Hawaii if you didn't know you wanted to go there? Close your eyes for a minute and think about what you want. Where do you want to end up? Shut out the unwanted thoughts, the advice from others, and just listen to your heart. What is it telling you? Take two minutes and write down anything that comes to mind.

Hopefully you have an answer now, but if not, that's ok. Sometimes it can take longer to really figure out what it is we want.2) Make Your Plan Real.

Now that you know what you want, see it, write about it, and talk about it in every sense of the word! Visualize your actions, your environment, and your future. Surround yourself with models for success through pictures and friends. Then, write down for yourself exactly what it is that you want to accomplish.

Finally, tell supportive individuals about your plans.3) Prepare For a Journey.Change can more often be likened to a marathon, than a quick sprint. Mike came to me wanting to make a career shift. He spent a few months researching options, while also making a physical and mental shift for the change that was about occur.

After he told his boss he was leaving, part of him wanted to change his mind. This is natural. He decided to stay with it and stick to his plan. A year after beginning this process, Mike made the change he always dreamed about! Did he think about quitting several times? Of course. Change is hard! But he was prepared for the long journey!.4) Change Your Belief System.

Our own beliefs are one of the biggest hurdles between us and success. How many times have you thought to yourself? I'm not good enough. I can't make money.

I'm too afraid. I don't think I can do it, etc?. These self beliefs hinder our progress.

Now, write down your ultimate goal for yourself. Then, ask, do I believe I can do this? Do I have the resources to do it? Am I capable of doing it? What beliefs are limiting me from what I want to do? What is telling me I can do this? Now that you know where you need to change your beliefs, you may want to elicit some support to help you.5) Find Tools to Help You.

Changing our lives can be a long and difficult voyage made easier by finding tools to assist you. Here are a few ideas. Start a circle of support with group members who also want to make similar changes in their life.

Find a good book, like Changing for Good, by James Prochaska. Or, you may discover using a coach is very helpful.Now is the time to push fears aside, tell your limiting beliefs to quiet down, and begin focusing on your vision of your dream! By using these steps, your transformation will be one filled with vibrant colors and opportunity.

.About Carrie:.Carrie Silver-Stock, MSW, LCSW is a personal and professional life coach.Life coaching is designed to improve professional or personal lives, successfully make career transitions, and help you live your the life of your dreams. For more information, visit http://www.livinghappyandhealthy.


By: Carrie Silver-Stock

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