Mothers Can Be Affected by Infidelity in Ways - It?s a sobering thought for Mother?s Day, but infidelity can affect a mother in 3 ways -- psychologically, physically and financially.

The Secret Behind Humans Comfort Zone the Novelty Attraction Dating Advice for Men - Why do we shy away from facing reality? Why do we mask the truth with a lie? Come to think of it, all of us as humans love to live in our own comfort zones.

The Secret Behind Power Attraction in Men Always Be Busy - One of my other cardinal rules before meeting a woman is that I always make it appear, as my ?second ? priority ? the first being my work, my own life.

Serial Dating - Serial ? ?Of, forming, or arranged in a series.

Gratitude is an Attitude - "Let yourself be silently drawn to the stronger pull of what you really love.

Your Worst Habits Just Need To Be Reprogrammed - You have the power to train your mind to choose what you think, instead of allowing random thoughts to hold you hostage.

She Shared This Success Principle Just As The Clouds Parted - Laura and I just returned from a 10-day getaway to Disney World and I have to say - I feel GREAT.

Iranian Americans and Their Families Still in Iran - We have an issue as we see the Iranian leadership moving us closer to WW III and that is there are many Iranians in America who still have family in Iran.

Why Hindu Gods Resembles Man and Woman - Nobody has seen the God, only few claims are there but no confirmations.

Some Relief to Refinery Construction and Expansion to Ease Supply Burden Arrives - Many Americans are concerned about the high fuel prices.

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