Some Relief to Refinery Construction and Expansion to Ease Supply Burden Arrives

Many Americans are concerned about the high fuel prices. As American families and small businesses watch gasoline prices and diesel prices hit four dollars per gallon, as we go into hurricane season it is good to know that there is some relief for refineries to expand their capacity and do minor construction without all the government regulations and the red tape in order to ease supply shortages.Since oil is a commodity, as well as fuel market forces such as supply and demand dictate price. Having more supply and better refining capabilities means fewer price spikes in fuel causing havoc on American families and small businesses.The Bush Administration has set forth a plan and has asked the United States Congress to allow minor modifications to refineries without bureaucratic BS, which can take years. Building a new refinery can cost over $200 million just to get EIR environmental impact report processed and that is before the turn the first shovel.

This is the problem with the supply spikes that we see now.By simplifying the over regulation and absolute out of control barrage of the blob of bureaucracy is essential to maintaining steady oil and fuel prices in United States of America. It is good to see the government is addressing this problem and taking an active role in helping us to lower our fuel costs because gasoline and diesel are the fuel the drives us around, but we do not want it to drives off an economic cliff. Thank you President Bush.

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