The Secret Behind Power Attraction in Men Always Be Busy

One of my other cardinal rules before meeting a woman is that I always make it appear, as my "second " priority ? the first being my work, my own life. Imagine you are in a coffee shop, waiting for your appointment with her. Now how would you like her to see you when she walks in? Staring at the door, looking lost and yearning to have that first glimpse of her? Definitely not.Act busy. You could be speaking on phone, working on your palm-top, writing down something, whatever, but busy. Because you must portray that your life was truly interesting before she came along.

When you act busy, you give out the impression that there are enough things happening in your life and she just "happened" to board this carriage. And you are strictly not looking forward to catching her apron strings and latch on to her emotionally or in any other way.In case you are meeting her in an indoor location like a store, make sure that you have something to get pre-occupied with in that place. Make her work for your attention. If you are at a place, where none of these activities is possible or permissible, start a conversation with a stranger! If it's a woman, better it is.

Don't give the impression that you are trying to be extra-familiar with her, but just plain friendly conversation is what you should be doing. Carry a book or a magazine always with you. These things come very handy when waiting for someone. But be careful.

Never think she will find you enigmatic and charming if she finds you reading Navy Seals' books. Carry mature, adult stuff like People or Newsweek. These seemingly small details carry a lot of weight in creating impressions.One more pivotal rule is that while choosing activities that you wish to share with her, choose only those, which you were doing without her in any case. As if, you have just asked for her company, on that specific date, otherwise you would have done it anyway.

This demonstrates, most importantly, that you have a life of your own about which you are mighty proud. And secondly, you really don't need her, she just happened to be there. If you're golfing, take her to the course, if you're rock climbing take her along, if boxing is your hobby invite her to watch some matches, and the list goes on.This article may be re-published with appropriate attribution to the author including name and website Copyright.

.Joshua Goh is dating & relationship expert.

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By: Joshua Goh

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