Iranian Americans and Their Families Still in Iran

We have an issue as we see the Iranian leadership moving us closer to WW III and that is there are many Iranians in America who still have family in Iran. If those family members are in the Army they will most likely be killed as America plans precision attacks on Iranian Military Assets. But the United States must protect its people, army, allies and assets too.Dear Iranian American Family; If you are now an American you are part of my American Family, I only care about protecting you.

If the rest of your family lives in Iran, they need to put pressure on the leadership to stop this crazy talk, or our nation will do what they think is necessary to protect the people of the United States no matter what the consequence.The leadership of our country in the United States is not violent. They are our protectors and they may use war as a means to do that, they have many options.

But their job is to protect America First and the American People over all else no matter what. That is their job, that's why they are there, and they have a duty to protect our nation from harm. This includes Iran as they threaten to cause us Harm and Pain and to blow our allies off the map, send insurgents into Iraq to kill US Troops, while Iran supports international terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah who kill innocent children, women and men. Please understand this and use your influence to prevent the current Iranian Leadership from starting WW III. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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