Take It Back The Power of Words - "Take it back," the little boy yelled.

If California Bans Driving with Cell Phones No Road Rage CallIns - California is working on making a law that prevents driving while talking on the cell phone.

IRS Loses Laptop With Personal Information for People - The IRS has announced that an employee lost an agency laptop early last month that contained personal information for 291 workers and job applicants.

Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Certification Choices - The following is an overview of the most popular Yoga teacher training methods.

Prayer for Backstabbers - To all my backstabbers,.

Infidelity - Nearly half of marriages in the United States end, and one of the biggest reasons for this is infidelity.

Breast Pills An Absolute Alternative for Surgery - It?s a common woman desire to feel more feminine.

Internet Dating Online - Hooking up via the Internet is a common trend these days.

The Voice of Action - The voice that says "YES, this is the right decision", "No, let's pass on this", or even "Hmm, let's mull this over a bit.

Day Pampering In Northern California - Taking a little time out for a day of pampering is a California tradition.

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