Take It Back The Power of Words

"Take it back," the little boy yelled! His friend just stared at him with an expression of hurt for 12 seconds before apologizing."I'm sorry Stu. I take it back, I didn't mean it really."."Still friends?"."Still friends.

".That initial reaction to hurting words is much more valid than we give ourselves permission to own. Words have power.

They impact us on an energetic level and we feel them physically and emotionally. Whether positive or negative, we experience the wonder of communication on a level beyond the auditory delivery. We all need to be honest with ourselves regarding our intentions and use of words.

Walking through the city streets I'm always observant of my surroundings and the people. People fascinate me, often times in a grotesque horrible sort of way. The insanity, the games, the violence, and the struggle for power between people is an ugly mirror of the darkness that lives within us all. That darkness is created by us, either through action or inaction. Our society is what it is and we all have room to grow.Seeing the interaction of verbal abuse between people, it is easy to experience the effect that exchange of energy is having between the two people.

Stu's reaction in the dialogue above demonstrates the true response to a verbal attack. On a deeper knowing level the body's reaction to the assualt responds with the verbal command to take it back! The negative emotional energy behind the attack is wrong and it is wrong for both participants; we are connected.Our energy flows as a life force within our being and is infinitely connected to the source of all life force. Abusive energy disrupts, corrupts, and weakens the life force in people in different ways, depending upon the influences experienced. This negative energy affects us and can easily be healed, hence the statement to take it back. Forgiveness and love have the remarkable ability to heal instantly if fully engaged.

This is positive life force energy flowing and empowering.Be honest with your words; to yourself and to others. You owe it to yourself really. You must feel that you deserve the best for your life.

Even if you are discouraged, you must certainly feel a faint glimmer somewhere deep down that cries out for the best life has to offer. When shit happens, seize the opportunity! There is energy in that space for radical shifts that will bring positive change into your life - no matter how painful the experience may be. Engage with attitude, positive attitude! Show up, be available, and be honest.

One final note about being honest. Beyond the honesty of your words, be honest about who you are. Know yourself, your values, your boundaries, and your path. You'll encounter many people, temptations to drift and explore, and while they may all be great experiences, they could just as easily delay or keep you from the fullness of your brilliance manifesting itself. So many stories have yielded to many bright lights shining after long struggles with distractions and devastation. Engage with attitude, positive attitude! Show up, be available, and be honest.

.Lee Down is a professionally trained Spiritual Life Coach committed to the development of the human spirit. His vocation and business, One Man Can Human Capital Development has evolved from human resources, to career and life coaching until the inspired writing, also available on his site, paved a new path into the realms of Spirit.

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By: Lee Down

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