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Hooking up via the Internet is a common trend these days. People have eliminated the feeling of insecurity and fear of rejection by resorting to Internet dating, because they can contact possible prospects without really revealing too much about themselves and avoid embarrassment if it doesn't turns out to be a match.Online dating allows people to establish friendships without first passing judgment on the background of others. It somehow erases discrimination because it allows a person to inquire and question without being influenced by a face-to-face "first impression.

How many times have we been wrong about a person just because we don't like the way they dress or the way they talk? Online dating eliminates that discrimination because everybody is given a chance to explore and understand the unknown.Although many unlawful acts have been committed using online dating, there are websites out there that are truthful and sincere in their pursuit to be the best matchmaking site. There are also those sites whose main purpose is to expose matchmaking sites used for scamming people.

They help the authentic sites get the respect they deserve and, at the same time, protect the people who really have faith in online Internet dating.Online dating is fun and effective, but constant vigilance has to be practiced whenever possible. Learn to guard your personal information and never divulge other sources for communication like your office email. Information like this should only be shared once you have established a friendship with the other person.

Use your commonsense and trust your instinct -- if you feel the other party is lying, they probably are, and when someone appears to good to be true, be wary.

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By: Eddie Tobey

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