Prayer for Backstabbers

To all my backstabbers,.I appreciate what you've done for me over the years although at the time I tasted the poison of your betrayal it felt harder than anything else to bear.Unfortunately I know some of your names and faces and that fact will remain with me forever since knowledge is a terrible thing, good and bad.

It's like toothpaste ? once it's out, it's impossible to push it back to where it came from.Thanks to your personal attacks, I was forced to stop on my tracks and think about what I took for granted or sacred in my life, more so than my true loved ones could ever do.I considered in great pain all your rumors, allegations, the things you've said behind my back to cause me lose that job or that relationship. You've forced me to look into my raw wounds with an unflinching eye and take a massive inventory of my mind and my soul.In there I found many things perfectly pure and innocent of any evil. Many joys and pleasant blessings that still defines today who I am, thank you.

Yet I've also found in there plenty to improve, to buff and shine to a brilliance that I didn't know I was capable of doing.So, although your numbers are very few thankfully and you usually scamper away to more precious morsels when I neglect you and refuse to turn back your arrows, your positive impact on my growth has been significant.May all who yearn for growth and light be tested against your blessed adversity like a rusty piece of blade becomes the perfect sword it is when tested against the illuminating resistance of the sharpening stone.May God bless you for your precious presence in my past and your inadvertent teaching of forgiveness and peace.Amen.----------------------------------------------------------.

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By: Ugur Akinci

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