Prowling the Borders - I?ve been trying to comprehend a few things.

Can We Really Afford Million Illegal Aliens in the United States - Many people in the United States are told that there are between 10 and 12 million illegal aliens in the nation.

Hurricane Agnes Flooded North East More Who Says Its Over Yet - The Northeastern United States is massively flooded and rivers are cresting their banks everywhere in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Up State New York as the run-off continues.

The Claiming Compensation Culture in Europe - For many years now there has been a stigma attached to the "Compensation Culture".

Reprogramming Thoughts For Instant Success - Take a guess at the following question.

Quiz Women Find Out About Your Attraction - Since ages women have considered looking beautiful a priority.

Its All Good - It?s amazing how we beat ourselves up about who we wish to be.

The Common Sense Request that All Immigrants Speak English - Should we allow illegal immigrants to go back over the border, get a work pass and then re-enter legally? Should we then make stipulations if they choose to become citizens later? Should this be a pathway to citizenship perhaps with a set of guide.

How to Approach Women Actions To Remove Your Fear - The market is flooded with how to approach women books.

Airline Economics Consumer Buying Behavior and Ticket Price Increases - As fuel costs mount many airlines are forced to raise ticket prices.

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