Airline Economics Consumer Buying Behavior and Ticket Price Increases

As fuel costs mount many airlines are forced to raise ticket prices. Currently airlines are indeed enjoying a robust economy and filled seats with business and consumer travelers, but they are also forced to raise ticket prices and there is a fine line that will cull the current 80% passenger load factors. This economic affect is of concern to the airline industry and consumer travelers and therefore it was recently brought up as a topic to an online think tank moderator when the question was asked;.

Have you known customers of airlines to recognize the change in ticket prices or remain unaware that tickets are on the rise because of the fuel costs?.Indeed, we all have and also realize that there is a price point at when people will not buy and opt for alternatives to travel. In fact this is ushering in a new age in Video Conferencing and future technologies of Virtual Reality Traveling, Diplomatic Meetings, Business meetings and also moving forward technologies in Distance Learning and full-video communication compression technologies using everything from Microwave NLOS and Light communication concepts in commercial, space and military too. It is also causing technologies to develop in encryption of streaming data and Internet usage as well.I believe that consumers are aware of the fuel price increases in their ticket prices although often the price will be a deciding factor for choosing "to go or not to go" and this also affects the entire travel industry; hotels, tourism abroad, and vacation destinations as well.

Scary stuff, luckily for now that economy is at peak. And with our huge outflows, we are holding up the economies of the world presently. Fuel costs are at issue with both airlines and consumers and all the interrelated technologies and competing alternative options. Do consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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