Its All Good

It's amazing how we beat ourselves up about who we wish to be. I was having a challenge recently about where I has heading to, where I was going and seeing a greater picture before me. I was being hounded by this vision because I felt I needed to aspire to it but it felt so far away. I kept trying to get there but the more I tried the harder it seemed and the more frustrated I became.On reflection I realised that my Ego had painted a grand picture for me to attract my attention in order to keep me belittled, to make me feel small and individual.

My Ego felt threatened by where my inner path was taking me - to that realisation that I am connected to something greater - and was using this greater vision against me. The irony! My grandest vision of how I believed my path would unfold was being used against me to make me realise how far away I was from that same vision and keep us apart. But here's the thing. It's the journey not the destination that's important and we are all perfect in this present moment.

The past is memory and the future imagination. All that is real is this moment and we can be all we wish to be in this moment right now. We don't have to wait for things to unfold. We can be whoever we wish to be right now. By being that person right now the Universal Law of Attraction will cause things, occurrences, events, happenings 'co-incidences' etc to be attracted to that vision, which is you.

So remember, you are perfect in every way in this moment.http://www.ronanrooney.


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By: Ronan Rooney

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