The Common Sense Request that All Immigrants Speak English

Should we allow illegal immigrants to go back over the border, get a work pass and then re-enter legally? Should we then make stipulations if they choose to become citizens later? Should this be a pathway to citizenship perhaps with a set of guidelines and a probationary period? Some believe this is the right way to handle this issue.It is for this reason that the issue came up recently in an online think tank when on guest member stated; "O.k.

let give them the right to work, but let also put stipulations. If you are here you will have a 5 yr. time frame in which to learn to speak English and take the citizenship test. Until then you need to live off your own monies and not the state system.".Your first point makes sense and is good real world "common sense" indeed.

I concur. Also would say that it is a probationary period like in employment 6 months before you get permanent employee status at a Corporation. We are watching you to see if you will perform, live an honest life and are worthy. So, I believe I like this thought. However. One must have no criminal convictions of violence, theft, drugs or such as well.

Additionally maintained change of address notifications and carry a Satellite enabled RFID Chipped Tamper Proof Card, with all bio-metric information on it. Perhaps we should consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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