Will Israel Strike Iran Preemptively

Iran is building nuclear weapons and they are buying long-range missiles, which can be used as a platform for a nuclear warhead. Iran is also funding Palestine's international terrorist party, Hamas. Of course Iran is also upsetting the United States military and the United States of America, as they send insurgents into Iraq to disrupt the democratic process and new fledgling government.Further Iran is now threatening the Western world with a slowdown in oil production, which could send oil barrel prices through the roof. The United Nations is holding hearings on this issue of building nuclear weapons.

But Iran is claiming it must have nuclear weapons to protect itself from other nations with nuclear weapons in the region. Of course this is BS because no one has threatened Iran and Iran and itself has threatened Israel and said it would blow Israel off the map.Some of this talk from Iran is political rhetoric used to appease the Islamic fundamentalists in their hate towards all Jews, yet we all know that when radical regimes start making threats like that and proceed to build nuclear weapons or WMD that we must take the threats seriously. Iran has already proved its hostile intentions towards the United States of America by sending insurgency into Iraq and its hostile intentions towards Israel by funding the international terrorist organization and now the controlling political party or Palestine, Hamas. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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