When Its Good To Doubt

The title of this article probably has got you thinking (at least I hope it has). You're probably wondering what situation could possibly make doubt a good thing.This is because you know that if you are to achieve anything worthwhile, faith is what you need, not doubt.

In fact, doubt is a major cause of failure in any endeavour, no matter the size.So how can it ever be good to doubt?.First of all, let us explore what makes doubt bad (read 'dangerous and destructive').

Doubt is bad when what you doubt is your ability to succeed in an endeavour. When you doubt God's ability to help you succeed, that's bad. When you doubt the good intentions of others, that's bad.

When you doubt that your vision could possibly become a physical reality, that's bad.In short, doubt is bad when you're doubting the very things that are 'for you'.Stop and let the meaning of the above sentence sink in. Here it is again, for emphasis.

Doubt is bad when the object of your doubt is something that is 'for you', not 'against you'.You probably see how that sort of doubt can sabotage your efforts. Remember, you attract the things you doubt, just as easily as you attract the things you believe. So if you have a lofty goal that you'd like to achieve, yet you doubt your ability to achieve it, you are setting yourself up for failure. Not a pretty picture.However, what if you changed your perspective on things? What if you adopted a different paradigm, a different way of looking at things?.

What if you adopted a different set of things to doubt?.Such as, the things 'against you'?.What if, instead of doubting your ability to achieve, you chose to doubt your *inability* to achieve?.Here's how that would work. You have a goal to, say, achieve a monthly income of 12,000.

Your 'default' setting immediately gets you in doubt mode by having you think 'you can't earn that amount in a month and here's why: you've never earned even half of that in a month; you don't have what it takes; you don't deserve that amount of money', and similar thoughts. Seeds of doubt have been planted right there. And what is the object of your doubt? Your ability to earn 12,000 per month.

Is it in your best interest to entertain such doubts? Of course not.With a paradigm shift though, you'd have the same goal as above. Rather than let yourself think 'I doubt that I can', choose to think 'I doubt that I can't'. Rather than telling yourself 'here's why it won't work', tell yourself 'here's why it WILL work'. In other words, make the object of your doubts your (presumed) inability to achieve your goal. Don't doubt your ability, doubt your inability instead.

Instead of saying 'I can't do it because.', say 'I CAN do it because.' then write down as many reasons as you can think of, why you can indeed do whatever you desire to do.Adopt this way of thinking from today.

Persist in it until it becomes your default way of thinking. Then 'sit back' and watch obstacles melt before your eyes as you (almost effortlessly) sail forwards towards your goal.


Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author. She can help you achieve better results at work, business, play, spiritual or in your social life. For resources you can use today to create a better life, sign up for her FREE ezine (and get a thank-you gift)- 'Days of Success' at http://www.

By: Dr Kem Thompson

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