UN Incapable in the Most Deadly Situations

The United Nations has many benefits to mankind and like her predecessor the League of Nations certainly made sense at the time it was formed. However the world is much closer together than ever before and things are changing. And the United Nations for the most part has evolved with those changes however, not all of the changes at the United Nations have been spectacular or should be celebrated at all.In fact there is quite a bit of corruption and collusion amongst some of the most dishonest and disreputable people on the Planet. But why is this? Well, we know from studying politics that often the most dishonest and disreputable people in any human society will rise to the top and become leaders.

Unfortunately when you get all these types of folks together collusion starts taking place. Behind the scenes deals and compounded corruption.Whereas the United Nations is very capable in many of their endeavors often they fail in some of the most deadly situations for human civilizations. For instance; let's take a look of United Nations stance on the fight against international terrorism.

Many nations on Security Council sell the advanced weapons systems to nation states would sponsor international terrorism and these weapons sales and deals are very lucrative and economically desired.So when the United Nations Security Council needs to discuss the possible sanctioning of these nations that sponsor international terrorism we see barriers to sanctions and blockage of what is clearly the right thing to do.Just like the United States of America has divided its powers of its government into three sections the United Nations needs to consider the same sort of circumstances. Justice and equity for the human race cannot be trusted to political dishonest and disreputable humans nor be sold to the highest bidder in arms deals.

I hope you'll consider this in 2006 and perhaps come up with a solution.

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