Tropical Storm Michael

Well the latest tropical storm of the season is here and it is tropical storm Michael and he is growing into a very large circular storm. This 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season has been quite a wicked weathered wreck for many who live along the Gulf Coast, in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic seaboard. This tropical hurricane season has already cost billions of dollars to American taxpayers and stretched FEMA to the maximum.Tropical storm Michael is just one more storm on its way to hurricane status and it looks to be growing from the NOAA and NASA satellites. Will Michael be the dreaded hurricane that Floridians have feared or will he fizzle like a couple of the other tropical storms during the season? We will soon know how strong and potentially deadly tropical storm or hurricane Michael will be and residences along the coast will be warned if they are in the path of yet another hurricane.

Some in Florida have complained that they are tired of evacuating and the mandatory evacuations there are called upon by the Florida state government, but the Governor warns that these are mandatory evacuations and it's better state is sorry. Has the FEMA director has also stated it is better to evacuate been to add you to the statistics lists. The 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season is not quite over yet and tropical storm Michael is not fully developed yet.

No one knows exactly what the future holds in store, however everyone is just about sick and tired of hurricane season. Consider all this 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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