Tips To Help You To Have A Successful First Date

In this article I give free tips and advice to help people to have a successful first date. I hope you find the information interesting and beneficial and wish you luck on your first date.

Most people find attending a first date with somebody to be a very stressful occasion. They may take hours in choosing what to wear and even whether to turn up at all.

The location of the first date

This is my idea of a possible location for a first date. When I take out a woman for the first time I normally take her for a couple of drinks first at a bar.

After about an hour I would then if she didn't mind of course, take her to watch a film at the cinema. After the film I would then take her for a couple of more drinks.

There is a reason for this madness! Firstly it is not really appropriate to go straight to the cinema without a bit of conversation first. As this is the first date, there is a good chance that the conversation could go a little stale after an hour, hence it's time for the cinema.

During the film you will have plenty of time to think of lots more interesting topics to discuss and even if you are unable to you, you can always talk about the film when you return to the bar.

If on the second date, that is if you get that far, you start running out of things to talk about, you can always mention how great or bad the film was you watched together.

When your are talking whilst having a couple of drinks, make a point of spending more time talking about your date rather than yourself. Show a big interest in what they have to say even if you are finding it boring.

Laugh at their jokes even if they are not funny, you get the idea!

Tell the truth

When talking about yourself it is a good idea to tell the truth, that is if you want the relationship to last. As time goes by your partner will find out a lot more about you and if they realise that you have lied, they may then find it hard to believe and trust you in the future. What is a relationship without trust? Answer, dead.

Always smile

There is nothing worse than going on a date with a person who is constantly moaning about things. Be happy, be bright, always smile and talk in a positive rather than negative way.

Instead of worrying about how the date might go, I would advise you to look forward to it.

You never know this one may turn out to be the real deal. Good luck.

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