Tips for Successful LDS Dating

Are you all set to go LDS dating? Have you found an interesting person using some of the online dating service or some other way any now you are ready for the actual dating part?.Here are ten tips that work whether you adhere to the Latter Day Saint movement or not to make your LDS date a great experience.1. Remember you have two ears and one mouth!.When you are LDS dating and sitting across from you date, maybe at a nice restaurant, remember to listen! Show interest in the other person first.2.

Ask open ended questions!.Show interest in the other person on your date by asking questions that are not simply answered yes or no. This will make the conversation flow better.3. Dress properly for LDS dating!.Most of all, be yourself in your dressing, but also consider that you might want to go with the golden rule hear, clean and proper.

Proper meaning no rips, holes or the like.4. Be yourself!.When dating it is easy to be overwhelmed by the need to make a great expression, but if you become somebody you are not it will only bring hardship later. Be yourself and your right mate will emerge.5.

Timing is everything!.This goes for many things in life. In this case make sure you set your alarm or whatever it takes to be on time, and even better ahead of time, for your LDS date.

6. Smile!.LDS dating is no different than the rest of life.

Joy and smiles are attractive. They draw people to you like flies to sugar.7. Maintain eye contact!.Does not mean that you should sit through your LDS dating experience staring the other down, but do keep eye contact for most of the time, it helps connection.8.

Go activity LDS dating!.If you feel a bit uncomfortable about sitting still at a dinner table for a full evening, go for an activity date where you will move around some and topics of conversation will emerge naturally.9. Breathe!.This might sound silly for your date, though it is so easily to forget to breathe if getting a little nervous.

Take a couple of deep breaths every now and then and your date will be a more pleasant experience.10. Follow up!.If you enjoyed your LDS dating, let your date know afterwards.

Like later in the afternoon or next day through a message, maybe SMS or a call.Enjoy your LDS dating!.

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By: Kari Eriksson

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