Things You Dont Know About Behavior Management Part

6. Although we often use the terms interchangeably Behavior Management is NOT the same as Behavior Analysis. Behavior Analysis is a science concerned with what people do and say. Behavior analysis focuses on the voluntary and physiological influences on behavior.

Behavior Management focuses on the motivation for and results of specific behaviors.7. Your may have noticed that most behaviors are accompanied by one of six primary emotions (Parrot, 2001). Those primary emotions are: a) Love b) Joy c) Surprise d) Anger e) Sadness and f) Fear. If you are adept at understanding these six emotions, you will have useful insight into the accompanying behaviors.8.

The study of behavior and emotion is not a new field. Aristotle compiled a list of core emotions ages ago. The items in the list of Aristotle are: a) Anger b)Mildness c)Love d) Enmity e) Fear f) Confidence g) Shame h) Shamelessness i) Benevolence j) Pity k) Indignation l) Envy m)Emulation and n) Contempt.9.

The study of behavior without the study of underlying temperament is an exercise in futility. The list of temperaments is: a) Choleric b) Melancholy c) Supine d) Phlegmatic and e) Sanguine.10. You cannot force changes in behavior. I should say, permanent changes to behavior probably cannot be forced.

The gun to the head theory only holds true for as long as you hold the gun to the head. Once you remove the threat of harm (or negative stimulus), the behavior most likely will return.


By: Reg Adkins

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