The Earth Hangs in the Balance Thoughts on Climate Change

We have all heard the dire predictions on climate change and have also heard the term Global Warming too. Some of us realize that there are cycles in nature and the Earth Hangs in the Balance and thus we have many thoughts on Climate Change. It is for this reason that this subject recently came up in an online think tank when one guest member stated;."I have been watching the early beginnings of storm systems of all types for the past couple of years and wonder if this is happening in a natural way, as if Mother Nature is remedying something or trying to establish a balance in her most violent manner.".It makes sense that there is a reason why everything runs the way it does on the Planet Earth and an equilibrium is such that it has allowed for this constant state.

For instance if it gets too hot the weather moves, well then more kicks up dust blocks the sun then it cools, more dust brings nutrients to the ocean life. Or if it gets too hot the Polar Ice caps melt and the planet being less balanced or the oceans rise and thus causes shifting of the plates to move more like an uneven wheel, this causes more volcanic activity putting more debris in the air blocking the sun, thus cooling the planet too.If mankind adds to such events then it could trigger perhaps such a change in equilibrium prior to the normal cycle and to a lesser degree causing a minor shift, preventing a major shift in say something that would normally occur in 3,000 or 10,000 years later or an event of the sun on a 40,000 year cycle might be lessened due to debris in the atmosphere preventing a more intensive event then or now, as would normally have happened in the past periods and will again in the future. Or we might pre-trigger a major event and exacerbate it and make it worse? So all in all we must be careful so that we do not jump to conclusion and study the situation further and consider all the possibilities and/or solutions including but certainly not limited too, doing nothing or very little. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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