Some Say Saddam Did Nothing Wrong and the US is the Terrorist

It is incredible the amount of bull that Al Jazeera puts out about the United States of America on their network news. They make the US often look like the bad guys, when we are such a great nation. The people viewing actually believe that hokum and garbage.Recently in arguing this point some claimed that the US was terrorizing the Muslim world and unlawfully attacked Iraq? Well, if you admit Saddam was so bad killing Kurds why do you condemn the USA for taking Saddam out of power? By the way the writing is on the wall and it appears that the President of Iran is next. He has threatened the United States of America and we must protect the American People no matter what. No matter what!.

The American Family must be protected at all costs, no matter what. Maybe you are not understanding what I am saying here? The American People will be protected no matter what, the safety of the American People comes first, our leadership if it is not liked is irrelevant, as their job is to protect us no matter what. We have been threatened by the Iranian leadership, the threat must be eliminated to protect the American People; No Matter What. Do you understand? Dear World please be advised the United States of America is no terrorist, nor will it allow any other nation to threaten it.

Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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