Shoot to Kill Border Patrol Get Real

There is an argument floating around right now here in Arizona and no it is not; should we turn on the misters at Starbucks in this 115 degree heat. The question, which has been discussed is; should The Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexican border shoot to kill any border crossers who come into the United States of America illegally.Most people decry such a horrible idea, yet statistically proponents in favor of the idea say that it makes a lot of sense. Why? Because if you shoot illegal aliens and illegal immigrants, which try to cross the border in 115 degree heat then no one else will ever try to cross that border again and therefore you will not get 600-700 people killed from heat exhaustion.

Last year 550 people died who were illegal aliens trying to cross the desert in the hot summer sun between Arizona and Mexico. Those that are proponents of the idea to shoot to kill any illegal aliens or illegal immigrants crossing the border say that it will actually save lives.Many believe that less than 10 people will be killed if the media gets a hold of this and places the story on Mexican and American TV and that will prevent people from crossing the border and therefore only 10 people will die instead of 600-700, which is the estimated number of people who will die in 2006 due to the extreme temperatures of the Arizona desert. Philosophically I don't know? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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