Sarongs are tasteful coverups that can be woren with almost anything

Sarong - what a funny name for an item of clothing. Over my years I have heard quite many jokes about what's right and what's sarong. Over all, it may sound amusing but certainly, these sarongs are surely just simple wraps.

They tastefully wrap around the body, depending on how you tie them, and they are surprisingly comfortable to wear. It's obvious that I am a big fan of these simple little wears, but to most assuredly make you understand how good-looking they are, you have to try one. Now it's not going to snap crackle or pop, and you won't feel like a million bucks, but you will see how comfortable and relaxing they are to wear. Unlike a fancy black dress, lingerie, shoes, or even a simple jogging outfit, sarongs are affordable. Most of the time you can get them on a beach in a vacation spot, in a fancy hotel lobby, or even surf shop for a mere $25.

I have purchased most of mine on the interest because of selection and price (routinely discounted to as low as $13.99) and when the sites offer free shipping, I ask, why not? Just the other day I purchased 2 of the most beautiful sarongs I have seen in my life from an online retailer. It cost me a meager $28.98 and I got free quick shipping. Turns out they arrived literally a day later because I live here in California where they were shipped from. Plus the site had a great return policy so I didn't have to worry about buying something I might not want to keep after I received it.

But, both of these were just as perfect as could be! The fact of the matter is that sarongs are well done much the same thing over and over again with different prints. Imagine buying the same exact large Hanes cotton tee shirt. You could buy it at any retail location and it would be the same thing.

You could have the fit you want on a regular basis. That's kind of how sarongs are. I have bought several in my life all from different places and they are broadly speaking all made of a soft Rayon material. The colors and prints are always different (good thing!) and the shapes are always the same. Every once and a while you run into one that is longer or shorter, wider or skinnier, but all in all they are for a majority of the time the same shape and size. This allows me to effortlessly purchase these perfect wraps and collect a bunch of different styles.

I have styles for every mood, occasion, event, location - you name it, I have it! And I didn't go broke acquiring my collection because the prices are so reasonable. Care and washing can be a chore but not for these. The manufacture often recommends lightly washing them by hand and allowing them to hang dry. I have thrown mine in the washer and dryer for years now and yes, eventually the color will fade a bit, but the soft touch that they provide after a good wash is lovely. It just about puts me to sleep some times because it is so soft. I Do typically hang dry it if I use it to dry off with after a bath.

There is not much more to tell you other then to go out and try one of these for yourself. You'll be glad you did and you'll think to yourself - thanks Mia.

Authored by Mia Linx - a proud wearer of Sarongs and avid traveler. Written in the summertime of 2008 - Wearing a beautifulPlus Size Sarong on the beaches of San Diego.

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