Psychic Abilities How To Develop Your Own For Greater Understanding Of Life

What are psychic abilities, and how can you develop your own and use them?.Basically, psychic abilities are only the power to bridge the physical world's boundaries, and enter the world of spirit.Having done so, one can acquire, even temporality the powers of the world of spirit, and bring them back with you.These powers comprise an endless list, but psychics as are known today usually fall into a few specialized categories.

Psychics.There are mediums, trance-channelers, seers, fortune tellers, sooth-sayers, healers on the positive (or light) side, and on a negative (dark) side, witches, warlocks, evil-doers, and assorted characters that are the subject of many a novel and film.Concentrating on the positive side, we will show you here how to quickly develop the power to contact (and speak) with the dead, and to have visions. These are relatively simple techniques, and have been used for thousands of years.Nostradomus.

Nostradomus, for example, used psychic abilities and the following method for seeing the future. It can easily be adapted to contacting those that have passed on.Like all these techniques, care must be taken to only have clear and positive objectives, lest you enter the dark side. A simple prayer at the start and completion of each session will assist in obtaining your objective and keeping you in the light.

Psychic methods you can use.The method we will use is a semi-meditative only, with gazing into a mirror. To begin you must prepare yourself in three ways.You must eat lightly for a day prior to your attempt and certainly no meat products.Secondly, you must practice the relaxation technique below for some time before you begin.Not only will you become relaxed, but you will also help you concentrate.

Lastly, you must be able to free your mind and body from distractions. You will need to find a very quiet place where you will not be disturbed.A relaxing technique to try.The relaxing technique is very simple.While sitting comfortably in a chair, and starting with the toes of the right foot, you contract the muscles of the toes, hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax that same muscle group.Move now to the left foot and repeat the same.

Next move to whole right foot, and repeat the contraction and relaxation procedure.Do this until you reach the top of the head?by this time, your body will be relaxed and your mind receptive.Finding a quiet place, you will need a mirror, and as the place must be dark light a candle or a very small electric light behind from where you sit.

You must be sitting directly in front of the mirror. While sitting in a very comfortable chair, do your relaxation exercise, and also ten sets of controlled breathing.Controlled breathing means inhaling for a specified period, say 10 seconds, holding the breath for 10 seconds, and then releasing the breath for 10 seconds.Having done so for 10 repetitions, you are ready to say a small prayer; to your own choice, but always for positive guidance and assistance in developing your psychic abilities.

Speaking to the dead using your psychic abilities.If you wish to speak to someone who has passed on, have with you a photograph, or personal item that belonged to that person.Fill yourself with the image of the person, or feel they are with you, and feel their closeness. Now begin to gaze into the mirror.Do not focus your eyes directly at your own image, but focus the eyes as if you were gazing into space.

This will make the mirror appear slightly out of focus?even somewhat hazy.As you begin to gaze, do not force yourself to see or expect anything?rather maintain a relaxed state, and be simply receptive.If you feel your limbs becoming heavy and tingling in your fingertips or toes, you can understand you are entering some altered state?but do not let this bother you, continue gazing.As the mirror becomes hazier, you can expect to soon see some images.Do not force the images, but let them unfold in front of you.

You may see or hear the loved one you wished to speak with, or feel their presence, or see scenes you do not expect.At the beginning, do not direct the images or pose specific questions, merely be a passive observer.The images or contact may be only seconds long at the beginning, or longer.

You may see something completely different than you expected or wished. However, whatever you see, record carefully when you cease gazing.To cease gazing, take a few very deep breaths, and slowly stretch and contract your body, and silently, sit a few more moments till your consciousness returns to its normal state. As in everything else, practice makes perfect. The longer you practice the above technique, the more you can expect to get from it.

A final note always follows the light way, start and end your sessions with a small prayer.Learn to use your psychic abilities and you will gain a better understanding of life and how it relates to you.

.For more on how to develop your psychic abilities as well as other alternative methods to improve health and happiness visit our website:.


By: Sacha Tarkovsky

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