Less Than Month To Tropical Hurricane Season

Well officially Hurricane Season starts in June, but officially Mother Nature could care less about official schedules, as she is on her own time table. In fact if you will recall she rang in the New Year with a Hurricane too.So officially all bets are off and meteorologists and ocean surface temperature watchers are of the belief that it won't be long now and they fully expect some tropical named storms any week now. More over they expect one if not two actual Hurricane Strength systems prior to the official 2006 Atlantic Tropical Season.

What does it mean?.Well, it means we are about to start all over again and this time we all hope everyone listens and when the President of the United States gets on National TV and the NOAA weather chief says to evacuate, then we should all listen. Weather computers are getting better and we are well aware of the where Hurricanes may hit many days in advance.It therefore makes sense to stay heads up, watch the weather channel and listen to authorities when they say; get the "F" out, because they are not saying this for their health they are saying it for the health and safety of you and your family. This 2006 Tropical Hurricane Season will bring with it killer storms and people will die.

Many will die not because they had too, but rather because they did not listen.

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By: Lance Winslow

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