Lance Rants on Socialists Who Wish to Appease International Terrorists to Prevent War

There are many people in the world who believe war must be avoided at all costs, because people die in wars. Indeed they do, but when injustice is going on in the World people also die. And when Nation States who sponsor international terrorism make Atomic Bombs and Nuclear Warheads, lots of people will die without intervention prior.If we as a Nation fail to do what is right then we will have the blood on our hands of innocent civilians in major cities. One socialist Muslim now living in Canada speaking of my premise states;."You are a good persuader or could be, if you widened your allegiance from a certain section of Americans to all people of the world.

".Thank you for the back handed compliment, but if you are trying to convince me to sit around and do nothing while Iran makes atomic bombs to give to international terrorists you are crazy indeed. No possible way will I join you in supporting the notion of a Nation State, which sponsors International Terrorism!.No way will I join you in your vision of allowing Iranian leadership from "blowing Israel off the map!" No way will I join your free pass to a nation, which sends insurgents into Iraq to disrupt that nations new government and kill US Troops. NO WAY.

Do me a favor do not attempt to give me advice and wish to tell all the rest of the world it is okay to live under threat of International Terrorism, allowing innocent men, women and children to die, as that is merely a cost of living in society?.Never will I or any man of reason support Nation States, which sponsor international terrorism and give them a green light to manufacture nuclear weapons to blow countries off the map or give these nuclear weapons to terrorist groups to use on civilian populations. You all ought to do the right thing and denounce the Iranian leadership and International Terrorism and stop supporting this bogus notion that they have a right to send insurgents into Iraq to kill US Troops or disrupt purple-fingered people's fresh new government.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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