Is It Stress or an Anxiety Attack

Stress can lead to a host of problems and manifest itself in many ways. One of the more predominant results of stress is an anxiety attack. An anxiety attack can happen at any time to those who suffer from this disorder. Some studies have pointed to a steady increase of people who suffer from anxiety attacks and other stress related disorders.

Time Magazine printed an article that referred to the cause of anxiety attacks, which is stress, as an epidemic in 1983. No one would argue against the fact that the world around us has gotten to be a more stressful place, and that can only mean that the number of anxiety attacks will continue to increase.In today's world, no one is immune from the ill effects of stress, whether it is in the form of depression, agoraphobia or anxiety attacks. Many of us have experience an anxiety attack and never knew it for what it actually was.

That's because few people know the symptoms of an anxiety attack. Those who suffer from repeated anxiety attacks learn to know the symptoms, and when the onset of an attack is on its way.A true anxiety attack is much more intense than just feeling stressed out at the end of the day. An anxiety attack can come on suddenly at any time, not just after a single stressful event. Often, the attack overwhelms the individual in one instant, and for no apparent cause. It is estimated that one out of three Americans will experience an anxiety attack, and one out of every seventy five people worldwide will experience an anxiety attack at least once within their lifetime.

How do you know if you're suffering from an anxiety attack? Well, the symptoms are varied, but they can be very intense, so it is easily distinguished from the regular stressed out feeling we have at the end of the day. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you could be having an anxiety attack, and should see a doctor right away.Extreme nervousness with shaking.Difficulty breathing, feeling as though you cannot get enough air.

Runaway heartbeat.Extreme terror for no apparent reason.Uncontrollable sweating.

Unexplained dizziness, lightheadedness accompanied with nausea.An unexplained sense of fear or impending death.Fearful that you're losing your mind, going crazy.

If you or someone you know has any combination of these symptoms, then a qualified medical professional should be consulted. There are treatments available for anxiety attacks. Anyone having symptoms of anxiety should seek professional help before attempting to treat themselves. Anxiety attacks are a serious matter that should be dealt with professionally.

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By: Maxine Schel

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