Iraq Has Illegal Aliens Too Insurgents from Iran Killing in Northern Kurdish Towns

United States of America is not the only country with a problem with its illegal immigration or illegal aliens. Although in the U.S.

we have people coming over the U.S. Mexican border who are drug dealers, possible international terrorists, MS 13 gang members and criminals, we must also consider what they are up to.There are currently 24 million illegal aliens in the United States of America and not all come from MEXICO in fact 40 percent of the illegal aliens in our Nation come from other countries; such as China. And when we catch Chinese illegal immigrants we cannot take them back because China does not want them and really the cost to ship someone half way around the world should not be the US Taxpayers Burden either.

Now let's look at Iraq illegal aliens and insurgents who are coming in from Iran into the Northern Kurdish towns, yet these folks really are international terrorists or insurgents and they have been killing Kurdish people in those Northern border towns. Iran is also known to sponsor international terrorist groups like a Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran is also started to manufacture atomic bombs and has threatened the Western world, the United States and her allies. In fact the Iranian President has promised to blow Israel off the map.

How do we know that some of the illegal aliens better coming into our the US are not international terrorist sent by our enemies to disrupt our government, our way of life or kill innocent life? We can easily think of people in our own hemisphere that might do that such as the President of Venezuela or the dictator in Cuba Fidel Castro.But what about Middle Eastern enemies such as Iran who could base an international terrorist cell or many cells in the United States to set up shop in wait in case they were needed. You bet they would and we must enforce our borders and we must protect the United States citizens against any possible invaders to our country. Consider this in 2006.

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