Illegal Aliens and Disease Issues

It is a widely known fact that many illegal aliens have hepatitis or tuberculosis and they often work in restaurants and fast food into this is dangerous for our nation if he did not have the proper shots. Your children could die if we do not make sure that does come into United States of America have their shots, have their paperwork and we know who they are. This is indeed a very important point and thus it must not be swept under the carpet.In United States of America for the most part we live disease-free and although there are the occasional diseases, which unfortunately kill a few Americans, we do not have the problems they have another countries.

The disease mortality rates in Mexico and Central America are much higher. If we allow those who have diseases to come to our nation illegally and are carrying such diseases then they will reintroduce those diseases into our population and this might have dire results.The United States of America's constitution promises to protect the states from foreign invaders. But what about diseases, viruses and flu are they not invaders also of a smaller kind riding inside the illegal alien invaders who illegally crossed into our nation? I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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