God Wants You To Be Rich

Contrary to the belief most Christians have, God wants you to be rich. The men of God, those that found favor with him, were very wealthy. Job was the greatest of all the men of the east. God had blessed him because he loved God and served him with all that he had. When he was tested and all his wealth and his health was taken from him he remained faithful to God.

He did not understand why these things were happening to him but he accepted them. When God saw Job's faithfulness he restored what he had lost two fold.We are told Abraham had many cattle, sheep and other material things that made him considered very wealthy. Daniel even in his captivity because he refused to abandon God, was rewarded with a place of authority and abundance.

Likewise Joseph, hated by his brothers and sold into slavery, remained faithful and God placed him in control of all the wealth of Egypt. Solomon is considered one of the richest men to ever live.There is no evil in being rich. Every good thing comes from above. What we do with the things God blesses us with determines whether it will work for good or evil. We are warned not to love money.

Money can corrupt but it can also be used for the glory of God.Poor people can not help poor people in providing the material things of life. Granted the spiritual life is more important and anyone can exhort and teach in that area. Often times you need to meet the physical needs before the spiritual needs can be addressed.

Showing love and concern and meeting the physical needs demonstrates God's love.God provides all things necessary for us to be rich, spiritually and materially. In America, like no other nation on earth, we have the freedom and resources to become spiritually mature and extremely rich. There are countless stories of people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve great wealth.

There are myriad ways, legal and moral, to achieve great wealth.Why then do not more people understand they can and should try to become rich? Most do not want to put forth the effort. They are expecting to win the lottery or hope they have a long lost rich relative that is going to leave them their money. Many Christians believe it is a sin to have riches or to seek after riches. As stated before there in no in riches.

The attitude and importance you give to riches is what matters. If you love money more than serving God you are in the wrong boat. If you let your family fall apart to have material things you are not being obedient to God's word.

If you want to be able and are willing to give what you have to help others then you are on the right track.There is no limit to God's abundance. Too often we think if someone has an abundance someone else has to do without.

That is not the case God just makes the pie bigger so no one has to take a smaller piece.As Christians, disciples of Christ, we should have a burden for those without. That means those without Jesus as savior and those without the necessities of life. We have the responsibility to develop and use the abilities and resources God has given us to meet their needs. We should become as rich as possible then use our riches to help others. To do otherwise is cheating God and the world.

Great riches are not needed to begin to be faithful and obedient to use what you have to help others. In fact God knows how you feel about money now. He knows how you use what you have.

Do you tithe? Do you give as you can to help others? God loves a cheerful giver. He will bless you here in this life and reward you at the judgement seat Christ if you are faithful with what you have. Start now, or continue, to use the material things God has blessed you with to reach others for the Lord Jesus Christ. Seek to gain all you can then give it back to be used for God's glory.


Warren Adams has been a bi-vocational preacher for over twenty years. He is concerned that too many Christians are not using all the abilities and talents God has given them to improve their spiritual,material, and physical life. Developing their spiritual life will lead them to improve the other areas in the right way. Helping others and bringing glory to God.

By: Warren Adams

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