Get to Know Your Higher Self Why Does That Matter in Life

What is it that makes us human? Speech, consciousness, opposable thumbs? Yes, all that. But what also makes us human is the belief in a Higher Self. The Higher Self inhabits a spiritual dimension beyond the material plane.

This Higher Self's quest is not necessarily antithetical to the quest for success in the material world. Some of the most successful people share an elevated consciousness. Whether this is the reason for or the consequence of their success depends on the person.Being in touch with our higher selves gives us the ability to commune with the sublime.

Do not be a stranger to your Higher Self. Give your Higher Self a name and seek out his/her advice. Don't let your ego block this powerful technique for accessing inspired visions. Give your Higher Self a chance to speak, and you may get the answers to your most perplexing problems.Somewhere inside yourself is the true you?the part that represents what you want most, the part that is your inner hero.Try this exercise: write your own version of "How to Be Happy.

" List the things that you have learned in your personal and professional life. What you will come up with is a list of values and goals.After the writing exercise, take some time to visualize your Higher Self. Imagine stepping outside of your physical body and taking a look at the real you. See your Higher Self.The Higher Self can speak to you through your physical body.

You're upset, and you feel nauseous. You are tired, so you want to sleep. If your heart beats in fear or your knees shake, or you have recurrent dreams or nightmares, the self may be trying to talk to you! The self may be telling you that the emotional air you are breathing is toxic. It's time to take action!.The Higher Self whispers while the ego SHOUTS. The more busy-work, chatter, or other meaningless distractions interfere with your ability to hear the internal message, the harder it will be to make the choices that lead to a oneness with your Higher Self.

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By: Robert Paisola

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