Free Image Hosting For Single Mums Top Tips

This may come as a surprise for you as a single mum, but there are free image hosting places for you to create your own online photo albums. and yes. totally free!.Read on.I understand how frustrating it can be just trying to find a place where you can share an unlimited amount of photos with whoever you want.

without having to pay through the nose!.In this short article I'm going to show you what to look out for when choosing an image hosting service, how you can solve your image hosting problems for good. and how to have fun doing it all at the same time.

  • Free Image Hosting Tip 1
.Make sure that whatever image hosting you sign up for provides an unlimited amount of space for you to host your images.In other words, some services provide free image hosting but restrict you to a certain amount of images, or a certain amount of photo albums.This is understandable, because all that space taken up by the images has to be paid for by the website owner.

and unless they have some method to offset the running costs, they will soon find themselves in hot water!.That's why most will charge a premium when you require more space than the average user. So to avoid disappointment, be sure to read the terms of conditions before subscribing to any image hosting service.

100% free image hosting services are out there, but it's just like shopping, you'll have to look around for a while before you find the right one for your needs.

  • Free Image Hosting Tip 2
.Look out for a user friendly interface.It's got to be easy to login, upload your photos and share them with your friends, family or whoever.

When you find an image hosting service you like, sign up for a free trial and test out the waters.

  • Is it easy to sign up?
  • Is everything laid out in a simple fashion?
  • Is it easy to upload your precious photos?
  • What does your personal photo album actually look like?
  • Would you feel proud to share it with your friends?
.These are just a few points to take into consideration when choosing an image hosting service for yourself.
  • Free Image Hosting Tip 3
.Be sure that your photo album remains private!.

This one may seem logical but you'd be surprised just how many people overlook this point.Free image hosting can come with a price? such as revealing your private images to the rest of the online world. For some people this may not be such a huge issue, but for others the very thought falls nothing short of a personal nightmare!.Ensure that when creating your online photo album and sharing it with friends, that your images will remain private.

In other words, only the people you wish to share your images with will see them. and no one else!.This point should be covered in the terms of agreement or the FAQ's of any seriously run image hosting service.In summary, if you follow these tips I've just shared with you about free image hosting, you should be in safe hands. The general rule is to take your time when choosing an image hosting service, especially free ones.They're some very good ones out there that cater to very specific niche groups like dog owners, cat owners, classic cars etc.

And each one serves its own purpose.Like myself, you too can have loads of fun creating and sharing your own online photo albums. They become great places for you and your friends to savor precious moments for life. regardless of where they live.

When will you finally download those photos from your camera or computer desktop and create your own fun-packed online photo album?.There is no better time than now to do it. It takes no less than a few minutes to get started and once you invite your friends to see your album, you'll find that they will want to have one too!.What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of people who are already taking advantage of free image hosting services and creating their own online photo albums at zero costs!.

.Stewart Alexander is the Author and Owner of The Single Mums Night Out Team.

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By: Stewart Alexander

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