Free And Clear From Terrorism in Canada

Many Canadians feel safer then their American counterparts because of Canada's lack of support for America and the war in Iraq. They aslos believe that Canada is free and clear from terrorism because it's a peaceful nation.This past weekend dispelled that myth and has shown Canadians that sitting back and doing nothing to fight evil and terror will not keep you free from horrific murderous acts.

This past weekend 17 Canadians of Muslim origin were arrested in what officials say were planned future attacks on Canadian landmarks ( is just as vulnerable as any other free and democratic nation. The reason is that Canada's western ideologies and beliefs are under attack from Muslim extremists who don't care that Canada has tried to distance themselves from America and the United Kingdom.As long as any country believes in democracy, freedom, equality for men and children and prosperity for all its citizenry, it will come under attack from Muslim extremists who believe that those ideals are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

While those extremists are in the minority and don't reflect the majority of Muslims who reject those extreme ideologies, there are still hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are willing to die for their misguided beliefs.Those extremists are causing horror and evil around the world and are targeting peaceful nations like Canada.Canadians need to wake up and start fighting against these murderers.

Canadians have a better chance of survival if they fight back. Sitting back and hoping you don't become a target will spell disaster.Canada is lucky that they were able to foil the would be attackers.

Officials say more arrests are possible.What makes this case particularly disturbing is that many of the people who were arrested were born in Canada and were raised with Canada's ideals.Something went wrong and these young people rejected those wonderful ideologies. By all accounts, their community embraced those Canadian values.This is a truly unfortunate episode for Canadians and once again their innocence is being lost to horrific incidents like these. This is also an opportunity for Canadians to react positively, decisively and strongly against terrorism.

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By: Anthony Bloch

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