Divorced Singles Seeking Romance

Are you part of the many Divorced Singles Seeking Romance, who may be reluctant to get back in on the proverbial dating game? If so, I would like to share with you a story that may help take away the fear of dating again.Susan, a good friend of mine at my old job, was in midst of a painful divorce. It was one of those classic stories where wife finds husband cheating. She was really having a rough time.

A few months went by and Susan was still an emotional wreck.One day over the water cooler, Susan told me that her therapist (yes she did understandably seek out counseling) told her she should try her hand at online dating. Not necessarily to run out and find the love of her life, but to help her realize that she had options.The next day I brought in my digital camera, she wrote her profile and she was back to dating.

Almost instantaneously, she began to get emails from interested guys. In a matter of weeks, Susan went from an emotional "wreck", to a giddy school girl just anticipating which one of her "crushes" had written her back.It was incredible! Online dating made Susan happy again. She realized her life was not over. It took Susan another couple of months before she was ready to get involved in a serious relationship, but just innocently flirting with guys online, or meeting them for a lunch date helped ease her pain.Today, about one year later, Susan's divorce is final.

To all the divorced singles out there, who may feel reluctant to start dating again, I have some encouraging news. Susan is in a serious relationship. Where did she find this new love of hers? Online, of course!.To all the divorced singles seeking romance out there, who may be hesitant to start dating again, start out slow by signing up for an online dating service. Have reasonable expectations. You may need time before plunging into a long-term relationship, but beginning to flirt with the opposite sex online and seeing that many people are out there, who would be happy and lucky to have you, may help you begin to move on with your life.

If you are still worried about getting back out there you may try speaking with a dating coach who can help you gain the confidence you need as well as give you tips to increase your online dating success.I cannot emphasize enough how online dating changed Susan's life! Don't wait, if you are among the many divorced singles seeking romance, get started today.

.Bonnie Schein is a relationship expert for The Online Dating and Matchmaking Site ConnectionClub.

com.Visit the Online Dating Service, to start dating again.This article can be reproduced for free, but all links must stay the same.

By: Bonnie Schein

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