Create The Perfect Future

You have the ability to create your own life. All you need is already within you. It exists in your mind.

There is no need to cast spells and rituals. No need to set up an altar, or rush out to buy candles, incense, oils or herbs. No need to wait for when the moon is in the right phase, or whether it is the right day.Yes, it's true - you really do have the power to direct your fate. Using mental imagery and affirmations can bring about amazing changes to your life. By learning these simple techniques you can bring into being the life you deserve.

Your mind is what connects you to the universe. It is an energy, and thoughts are energy. Whatever you think you will manifest. Focus on what you want to happen and it will influence the energy to create changes that will allow your goal to materialize. It can be done. Try it and see.

If you tell yourself that you don't really deserve what you want, then how do you expect the universe to believe that you do? For example, you might desire love in your life, but how can you expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself? It is so true. Visualize yourself in a happy relationship. See yourself going out on dates with the kind of partner you really want. Write a list of the qualities you want your perfect partner to have and visualize these.To bring changes into your life you must first see yourself as having what you want before it can manifest on the material plane.

Say you want a job, or a better one. Visualize yourself doing the job you really want. See it in your mind, but really picture it. Feel it, breathe it, smell it. What I mean is you have to use all your senses and bring them into the picture.

Do this for a few minutes every day. That's all it takes. An ideal time is before going to sleep, or if you have more time, before getting up in the morning.Only one warning though, please don't use creative visualization to make someone love you. If you do it will come back to you in a negative way.

That's karma. You cannot interfere with someone else's life to make yours better. Think about it. How would you feel if someone you didn't fancy tried to make you love them by using mind magic, or any other magic on you? Always remember to say after your visualization 'for the good of all.' It's also important to think how manifesting your desire will serve others.

If you wish to be wealthy then don't just think about it selfishly. Instead, think about how you could use your wealth to benefit others.Of course, a little patience is needed. It won't happen over night.

But never give up. Stay focused and believe. Don't hide at home and wait for things to happen though. If you are looking for a job or love you have to be out there participating in life.

Nothing will fall out of the sky straight onto your lap. I'm afraid life isn't like that. Mixing with people and actively searching for work with your new positive outlook gives you a far greater chance of getting your heart's desire.To be successful in creative visualizaton it is also extremely important to let go of the past and break through fears and blockages that limit your progress.

The past is just that - in the past. You now have the power to create your perfect future. Believe and it will soon be yours!.

.Marie Seymour is a freelance writer, copy-editor and novelist. She has written articles on writing, music, the mystic arts and health and is currently working on a novel about vampires. She lives in London but dreams of escaping all the pollution, litter and noise to live in the countryside where she can write novels for a living in peace.http://www. http://marie-deepthinker.blogspot.


By: Marie Seymour

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