Buying an Electric Griddle

To some making pancakes or cooking burgers is an art. Getting the perfect pancakes or the French toast golden brown, or searing the burgers to juicy perfection is not the simplest of tasks. What makes it so difficult, the batter or beef, the heat, or the flipping technique? Those all may play a big roll in cooking a perfect juicy burger or browning a pancake just right, but one thing that really makes a difference is the surface you cook on.

When you cook pancakes, French toast, burgers, or almost anything like that, the best way to cook them is on a griddle. A burger would probably do better on an outdoor grill, but if you don't have one or if it's rainy or cold outside, a griddle is the next best thing. Buying a griddle may or may not seem like a daunting task to you.

It all depends on how you are with shopping and in the kitchen. If you are good at both, you are often in more of a rut. If you love to cook and know all the latest technique, you want to spare no expense and get top quality. If you are a penny pincher, you will look for the cheapest you can find. If you are both, you are stuck somewhere between the best of the best and ending up with a piece of junk. It's hard to find that middle ground.

First decide if you want a plain griddle to use on your stove or an electric griddle. You can get a round griddle just like a sauté pan, but it is flat with little to no edge and has more space. This is good if you don't cook large quantities.

If you only make pancakes for you or you and one or two other people, a round griddle is the way to go. It doesn't take up space and is easier to clean, and yet you still get a great cooking surface. If you have a big family that you cook for or cook for a lot of people often, a large griddle or large electric griddle will work better. You can get a large griddle that you use on your stove that is also a flat surface. This is good if you have limited counter space.

If you cook several things at once and are using your stovetop, an electric griddle is best. You can place it on a counter so that you have more room to cook plus you can fit a lot on it at once. Which ever you choose, base it on how you cook and how often. When you get the right pan that works best, you will find cooking much easier and more enjoyable!.

Finding the best electric griddle isn't hard if you know where to look. Go to for more information.

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