Bringing Order Out of Chaos in Iraq

Is the Iraqi government finally turning a corner in bringing order out of chaos? Indeed, it appears that they are and it appears that the government will now be working together between the three religious sects, which have been at each other's throats during this mini-Civil War. It is good to see that the Iraqis do indeed enjoy their new democracy, Liberty and look forward to a free Iraq.Whereas the media has been telling us that things are so out of control in Iraq that they will never be the same and that unemployment is so high that there can never be commerce again; I would have to say that much of the media complaints have been erroneous and trying to stir up chaos and controversy along with sound and fury. The progress in Iraq is indeed moving forward and this is a good sign, as the leadership of Iraq commits to working together regardless of their religious differences.Perhaps the world media and the United States public ought to sit back for a second, have a little patience and consider how much work has been done and how far we all have come.

We should not allow the mass media hysteria to further perpetuate the political divided in the United States of America, but rather stand beside our government and its leadership; including the military, the department of state and those in the Oval Office. It is un-American to do any different at this point. We must stand together and stand with the new Iraqi government in their efforts to make this sacrifice a success. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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