Astral Projection and the DaVinci Code

Astral Projection is the projection of one's consciousness beyond one's physical body. What does Astral Projection have to do with the DaVinci code?.There are many techniques to produce Astral Projection (AP), many have succeeded and some have failed. There seems to be many people promising the world with techniques, cds and software that deliver very little in the way of results. We are all searching for the Holy Grail of AP techniques, the one technique that will bring instant success for anyone who tries it. The question is how do we go about discovering this technique?.

We start by asking those who can already AP to find it. Working as a team towards Astral Projection is much more likely to produce success than working alone.Having veteran APers examining how they 'consciously will' themselves to leave their bodies and making available their conclusions, provides those aspiring to conscious voluntary Astral Projection with information to move closer to their goals.

To decrypt the secrets of Astral Projection and the world beyond we can use the studies of Transpersonal Psychology, Art and Philosophy. For example Jungian psychology was very influential in the study of symbolism and our spiritual journey through life. Artists such as Wassily Kandinski also wrote upon spirituality and art.Whilst projected outside of one's body there is a curious admixture of physical reality and hyper-reality. Some projections have dream-like sequences incorporated into them, other projections throw the projecter into completely different worlds whose existence is consensually validated by other projectors in the AP community. How we interact with these phenomena is based upon our prior preparation allowing us to more correctly interpret what we see and feel.

Having a solid foundation in interpretation through at least one form of well-defined study may be all we need to unravel the secret to voluntary projection; the technique that will help all other AP aspirers. The human race never got to our current state of technological advancement as individual units going their own way: it was a collaborative effort. The same is true for Astral Projection.

Collaboration and the willingness to study, learn and openly discuss our findings will allow us to learn the art of Astral Projection and bring forth it's benefits in leaps and bounds.Another collaborative technique that can be employed is for regular APers to visit non-APers and attempt to pull them out of their bodies to learn how to project. Usually once someone has learned to leave their bodies it becomes quite easy to do so again. A rippling affect will cause more and more successes as more and more APers help others to project exponentially.

There has to be a single, effective technique to produce Astral Projection. A team of forward thinking and positive people can make a big difference to their progress and during the process may unravel the hidden code to instant Astral Projection.

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By: Martin Hennessy

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