Abatement After Attack of Biological Contaminants

If the United States of America is attacked by international terrorist using biological warfare weapons then we will need to figure out a way to save the people involved and isolate them to prevent spreading of the biological contaminants, disease or virus.Additionally we must clean up all biological contaminants and use specific and special protocols to do this. First responders and police or security professionals must know of these protocols as well as be trained in procedures to deal with the biological contaminants area that has been caused by international terrorist attack.If we fail to train, drill and practice these procedures with our first responders and police then there will be utter chaos and confusion, which will further be incited by mass media hysteria, fear and civil unrest amongst the masses. This will cause ripples in financial markets and additionally cause regional economic devastation to the area in which the international terrorist biological contaminants attack occurred.

For those who do not believe that such a thing can happen we only have to look at the use of sarine gas by Middle Eastern nations during their own wars. The threat is real and it must be considered and we should all think of this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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