Emotional Infidelity - Some experts say that emotional infidelity can be very damaging to a marriage ? so damaging, in fact, that it may as well be sex.

What To Do If Your Dating Partner Becomes Cold - Have you ever had this experience? You have dated some body few times.

India at Growing and Shining PartII - On 15th August 2006, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will address the nation from Rampant of Lal Quila, India will be completing its 59 years of Independence and will be entering into ?Diamond Jubilee? year of its existence.

The Truth About Witchcraft Rituals - I get a very common question: "What is the difference between spells and rituals?" Some Witches don't think there is a difference.

Practical Spirituality Surviving the Negative Path in Spirituality - In our last article we spoke of the first path of Creation Spirituality.

Spiritual Truth Does It Always Make Common Sense - We all would like to think that ?God is on our side? and in principle believe that spiritual truths are ?good for us.

Natural Ways For Dealing With Anxiety - Anxiety is a reaction often associated with stress, illness, or even treatment.

Conquer Stress With A Hobby - Everyone knows that stress can take a heavy toll on your mind and body, but one simple activity can not only prevent the harmful effects of stress but also make your life richer and more rewarding.

Gender Communication - With the world the way it is, at some point in your life you will, in fact, have to talk to someone of the opposite sex.

What Happened to Hurricane Alberto Anyway - Well it appears Tropical Storm Alberto got ripped apart by the trade winds and was unable to get to or maintain it Hurricane Wind Speed Status.

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